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Nanote: no-nonsense note taking.


Or see it in action:

Robust editing

Nanote uses Markdown for powerful, unambiguous formatting, which means your notes will always look great. And if you need it, you can format gorgeous math equations and formulas using LaTeX.

Own your content

Publish that screenplay draft, your awesome pasta recipe or yesterday's class notes. Or, if you're feeling wary, you can make your entire account private from the world. You can also download a full copy of your data at any time.

No ulterior motives

Nanote is privately owned and operated, and will be for as long as it exists. There are no ads, no data-mining, and no funny business. We don't track you or run any sort of third-party analytics.

Fast and lightweight

From its very inception, Nanote was built to go fast. There are no images anywhere on the site, so notes load in the blink of an eye. As a result, your published notes also load and render incredibly quickly.